System description

WaveControl is modern and effective pipeline leak detection system (LDS) for oil/gas/energy enterprises and organizations. The principle of operation is based on the SDA WaveControl combination of two detection methods - recognition waves of pressure drop and mass balance analysis.

Advantages of WaveControl LDS:

  • Leak detection in the range of 60 - 90 seconds
  • Detection of leaks with a diameter from 2 mm with with localization accuracy of 0 - 1% of the length of the protected segment
  • Automatic adaptation of the system to the changing levels of background noise and speed of wave propagation in the product
  • Continued operation in case of failure of the system's components and/or a data channels (information about leaks will be transferred to the control center when data channels are restored)
  • Stable operation and stable performance in wide range of climatic conditions from -40C to + 70C