We provide turnkey pipeline leak detection and theft detection solutions based on unique patented technology. Our solutions are tailor made to the client’s needs and considered efficient, reliable and cost-effective. We carry out end to end projects including a field survey and sensitivity studies, system design (hardware and software), equipment procurement and system configuration, factory acceptance test, field installations, site acceptance test, personal training, technical support and maintenance.

Our technology benefits

We are leading the market in terms of performance. Here are the main reasons why you
should choose to work with us:

Real-time leak detection
and integrity control for
Maximum speed – leak
detection occurs in
60 to 90 seconds
Maximum precision – the
localization error is 0 – 1%
from the length of the
protected segment
Theft protection-detection
of illegal activities and theft
of transported products
Estimation of leakage
volumes from 1% of the
instant flow
Fully automated work
– system do not require
decision-making by
the operator
Stable performance and
stable indicators in complex
climatic conditions from
-40ºC up to +70ºC
Maintenance – ensuring
optimum levels of
enterprise activities
and operations


Our proprietary technology is serving our
clients successfully throughout the world.
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