Environmental protection

The problem:

Operation of pipelines presents various potential risks to the environment, such as product spills to the surrounding ground and water ways.

The accidental release of crude oil or petroleum products to the environment can cause a number of problems to the environment and to human health, and can gain a very high profile with the public. Crude oil, petroleum products and gas have potential to combust, catch fire or explode, creating an immediate hazard. They also may contain a variety of toxic chemicals such as benzene, hydrogen sulphide, toluene and xylene.

Thus, management of these risks is critical for safe and economical sound pipeline operations and avoid potential fines.

Our solution:

Rapid response and precise technical actions are keys to limiting the negative environmental impact that can be caused by raptures, spills and other types of damage to the pipelines.

Quick detection and accurate localization of leaks ensures that operators can rapidly dispatch monitoring means (such as UAVs) and their maintenance staff to the precise location of the detected incident and thus limit the impact to the environment, minimize the financial liability of the operations, and control the reputational damages.

Of particular importance is the ability to quickly locate and mitigate leaks that occur near water ways (such as streams, rivers, lakes, etc.) because spilled products are much harder to clean up once they are in the water and can spread over great distances and areas. Such spills usually result in multi million dollars fines and very expensive clean up operations.

Furthermore, installation of a leak detection system can ensure compliance with the possible governmental regulations and requirements, as well as internal standards of the pipeline operator.

Your benefits:
  • Environmentally safe operations.
  • Saving money by preventing large scale incidents.
  • Maintenance of good reputation.
  • Compliance with governmental and commercial regulations.
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