Industrial safety

The problem:

Every pipeline operator strives to achieve 100% operational effectiveness and a goal of zero incidents. Various standards, recommendations, methodologies, tools and technologies are used to ensure safe operations and effective maintenance of the equipment.

Among these strategies is application of the in-line inspection tools (aka “smart pigs”) to determine the pipeline’s condition. These inspection tools can detect corrosion, cracking or other pipeline defects, but they come short when it comes to prevention of human errors that can result in the damages to the pipeline.

Many such human errors and subsequent incidents can be prevented through monitoring the vicinity grounds around the pipeline and the critical no-access-zone.

Our solution:

24/7 monitoring of the pipeline’s vicinity and the no-access-zone provides detection of Third Party Interference (TPI) and thus can be used to prevent possible breaches and damages to the actual pipeline or other critical technical infrastructure and equipment.

For example, the fiber optic cable method can be used to achieve real-time status, and continuous monitoring of pipeline’s grounds and ensures prevention of industrial incidents through the early detection of human activities such as access by unauthorized personnel, operation of heavy machinery, digging or other construction operations.

Additional systems such as onsite video monitoring, autonomous aerial drones, and smart fencing can be used to provide additional levels of protection of the pipeline or its particular sections.

Like in the case with environmental safety, the installation of a leak detection system can ensure compliance with the possible governmental regulations and requirements, as well as internal standards of the pipeline operator.

Your benefits:
  • Safe enterprise operations.
  • Reduction of incidents.
  • Prolonged life of equipment and machinery.
  • Human and environmental safety.
  • Saving money through minimization of financial liabilities.
  • Maintenance of good reputation.
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