Site surveying and
sensitivity studies

The problem:

Success of a project is dependent on the correctness and completeness of the initial information about the project’s location and settings. Therefore, inspections of the working areas become an integral part of any project and provide the necessary information for the project design and work plan required for various construction activities (such as determination of equipment’s locations, access points, identification of possible obstacles, etc.).

Furthermore, the correct operation of a leak detection system depends on various operational parameters and conditions of the pipeline. Thus, the sensitivity study of how these variable factors can affect the operation of the leak detection system helps to remove uncertainty and provides a clear understanding of the best configuration and settings necessary to achieve the highest levels of system’s performance.

Our solution:

Site surveys are conducted by experienced engineers that examine and record using extensive site survey documents all the relevant information about the pipeline and the context environment (such as ground composition and elevation, presence of natural obstacles, civilian buildings or industrial sites, available communications, power sources, etc.). Possible threats and scenarios are also considered and evaluated (for example ease of accessibility, proximity of industrial sites, general social aspects in the area, etc.).

All this information is then used during the design stage of the project to determine the proper pipeline’s characteristics and recommendations for modes of operation, as well as select the best suited leak detection methods or their combinations.

In addition, detailed and extensive sensitivity studies are carried in the lab with the application of specialized pipeline simulation software. Such studies allow to verify the correctness of survey data and confirm input parameters, as well as determine accurate configuration of the leak detection system and its operational parameters for any given section of a pipeline or a whole network of pipelines.

Our company has developed a special pipeline simulation complex that utilizes custom pipeline simulation software for very accurate simulation of operation for any given section of the pipeline or a whole network of pipelines. The custom software simulates virtual pipeline using:

  • Laws of balance (Mass balance, Force Balance)
  • Mathematical equations for pressure and flow
  • Discrete computer model
Your benefits:
  • Design of the right system that fits the needs of the customer.
  • Determination of optimum operation parameters.
  • Selection of best leak detection technologies.
  • Minimization of human error.
  • Exposure of possible fraud.
  • Costs reduction by expenditures optimization.
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