Theft protection

The problem:

Oil and oil products theft can result in huge economic losses, human casualties due to explosions and poisoning and extensive environmental pollution.

Pipeline theft is often done by experienced criminals that use sophisticated equipment and methods to avoid detection. In many cases, thieves try to mask their illegal operations, for example, by staying below the flow meter detection limits.

Our solution:

Leak detection systems are the first line of defence and provide detection of illegal activities that result in theft of transported products.

Fast (measured in just a few minutes) and accurate detection (down to tens of meters) of illegal taps to the pipeline can ensure that security, technical personnel or aerial drones will be rapidly dispatched to the zone of the illegal activity and thus limit the amount of stolen product, as well as minimize the collateral financial losses and reputational damage due to the product’s possible spillage into the environment.

To counter sophisticated approaches used by thieves, it is recommended to use a combination of leak detection methods that provide superposition of individual benefits when used together.

Our team will identify your exact anti-theft needs and will provide a customized solution tailor made to your specific needs, for example:

  • The pressure wave (rarefaction wave) analysis method can quickly detect rapid outtake of products, while the real-time transient modeling method can detect slow siphoning operations.
  • Application of fiber optic cable method (that can be used to detect events preceding the actual outflow of product, such as presence of unauthorized personnel and digging operations by machinery in the no-access-zone) together with the pressure wave (rarefaction wave) analysis method (that will detect and localize the illegal tap once it is made).
  • For critical sections of pipelines (crossings of water ways, highways, railroads, technical sites, etc.) it is recommended to integrate leak detection systems with video monitoring, autonomous aerial drones, and smart fencing which provide increased level of protection and enhanced situational awareness for the operators.
Your benefits:
  • Saving money by minimizing product loss.
  • Reducing financial liabilities that might result from spill.
  • Minimization of possible reputation damages.
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